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an update with no pictures!

san francisco:
it was lovely. the first night there, adam and i got sushi and drank saki. bought weed, vapourised!
the second day he kissed me and it was really lovely.
for about 4 days we were ill with a stomach bug and he cleaned up my vomit.
i was sick and sort of overlsept my flight home on sunday so i stayed an extra day.
we went thrifting in the mission, i bought a blue shawl with roses handpainted on it.
we found him a wallet in some sketchy korean store. it was red with a rainbow and "san francisco" written on it.
he showed me all this art in this alley way.
we split a one dollar samosa. we went to the park where we saw a bunch of people he knew, and sat on a blanket with them and enjoyed all the sunshine. there was a show in the park while we were there. shitty pop punkish stuff.
we saw two girls there that adam knew that gave us girl scout cookies and wine. and then we sat high on a hill in the park and watched the show from afar and smoked weed with two of his friends. he held my hand a lot which made my heart really happy.
after that we decided we wanted a burrito and we saw his friend scott and some girl scott had visiting him from LA.
we ate burritos and drank really great horchata and talked.

i miss him. i wish he were closer.
he would be my best friend.

and back to michigan:
i went and saw pas/cal the other nite. it was pretty great. there was a crazy midget there.
asobi seksu opened for them and that was great. really droney. a lot better than the record.
then there was hardcore detroit, a break dancing group out of detroit.

it took us two hours to get back to ann arbor because it was snowing so hard.
i got a ticket for making an illegal left turn.
the cop took my fake ID, and kristine had left her bowl in my glove compartment...
so when i went to get out my registration and proof of insurance (neither of which i had)the bowl came out.
there was also an eight of weed in my change purse when i went to get my ID out.

gosh. also kid krupa from the revillos died. anyone who knows me knows how much i dig the revillos.
look at him!

in general, i love life and things are great.
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